13 Run Baseball Pool Stats

On average, it takes 46 games to crown a 13 run pool winner. The results of a 13 run pool are mostly random. Generally, higher scoring teams perform better, but they also need the team to be shutout at least once. Below are the statistics for both runs and team performance in a baseball 13 run pool. For results starting at a specific date, try the 13 run pool results page.

Frequency of runs scored

Not surprisingly, scoring exactly 13 runs occurs most infrequently but scoring zero runs is somewhat uncommon too. The chart below shows the distribution of runs across all teams.

Teams' past performance

Given every possible start date of a pool over the last 2 seasons, the chart below combines how frequent and how quickly each team have gathered all the runs needed to win.

Since some teams are more favorable in a 13 run pools, we suggest owners are assigned a random baseball team.