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13 Run Pool Results

Click the start date of the pool for more detail about the current standings of that 13 pool. These 13 run pool results will only show a limited range of recent dates, if you do not see the date you're looking for just create a 13 pool starting on whatever date you're looking for.

13 Run Pools Without Winners
Start Date (cont.)
Aug 21st, 2014Jul 7th, 2014
Aug 20th, 2014Jul 6th, 2014
Aug 19th, 2014Jul 5th, 2014
Aug 18th, 2014Jul 4th, 2014
Aug 17th, 2014Jul 3rd, 2014
Aug 16th, 2014Jul 2nd, 2014
Aug 15th, 2014Jul 1st, 2014
Aug 14th, 2014Jun 30th, 2014
Aug 13th, 2014Jun 29th, 2014
Aug 12th, 2014Jun 28th, 2014
Aug 11th, 2014Jun 27th, 2014
Aug 10th, 2014Jun 26th, 2014
Aug 9th, 2014Jun 25th, 2014
Aug 8th, 2014Jun 24th, 2014
Aug 7th, 2014Jun 23rd, 2014
Aug 6th, 2014Jun 22nd, 2014
Aug 5th, 2014Jun 21st, 2014
Aug 4th, 2014Jun 20th, 2014
Aug 3rd, 2014Jun 19th, 2014
Aug 2nd, 2014Jun 18th, 2014
Aug 1st, 2014Jun 17th, 2014
Jul 31st, 2014Jun 16th, 2014
Jul 30th, 2014Jun 15th, 2014
Jul 29th, 2014Jun 14th, 2014
Jul 28th, 2014Jun 13th, 2014
Jul 27th, 2014Jun 12th, 2014
Jul 26th, 2014Jun 11th, 2014
Jul 25th, 2014Jun 10th, 2014
Jul 24th, 2014Jun 9th, 2014
Jul 23rd, 2014Jun 8th, 2014
Jul 22nd, 2014Jun 7th, 2014
Jul 21st, 2014Jun 6th, 2014
Jul 20th, 2014Jun 5th, 2014
Jul 19th, 2014Jun 4th, 2014
Jul 18th, 2014Jun 3rd, 2014
Jul 13th, 2014Jun 2nd, 2014
Jul 12th, 2014Jun 1st, 2014
Jul 11th, 2014May 31st, 2014
Jul 10th, 2014May 30th, 2014
Jul 9th, 2014
13 Run Pools With Winners
Start Date Winner(s)

Pools that started before opening day will include results of preseason games. Using the information gathered above, we're put together a summary of 13 run pool statistics.


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