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Get ready for the 2014 season! Opening day is March 22 (the first two games are in Sydney, Australia – a week before the other games). Remember you can start your pool on any day and choose whether to include all game or just the regular season games.

Free13RunPool.com manages your 13 run baseball pool standings. It's free, requires no membership and just takes a second to setup. You can even create an easy-to-remember URL to send to your friends.

Create a 13 Run Pool

What's a 13 run baseball pool?
We made a whole section of the site outline 13 run pool rules. Check it out and you should be all caught up.

How much does it cost?
Nothing! No really, nothing at all. Unlike some other sites, we run your custom pool completely free of charge!

Already running a 13 run pool?
Create a pool, you'll see how easy it is. You'll be able to give your friends a URL as simple as free13runpool.com/yourpoolname!

Have to write out the standing to post offline?
The worst part of running a 13 run pool is keeping track of the scores of 30 teams every day. Especially if you make a mistake early in the season. Just find your pool's start date in our 13 run pool results or create your own 13 run pool. Start by simply entering the date your pool started and instantly see the current standings. Then you can copy them from our site. We also offer a printable 13 run pool spreadsheet for you to download and fill out if that's your style.

So how do I start?
We'll track standings, but you need to get your friends involved. Get a couple friends together, set a wager and then choose your teams. We suggest randomly, but that's up to you. A random MLB team generator is useful for this. Once you decide what day the pool will start, create your 13 run pool and you're done.


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Updates are made within an hour of the completion of every game.

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